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Recently awarded the 2023 Bessie Award for “Outstanding Performer”Amanda Castro  is a captivating Boricua-American artist who has won the hearts of audiences around the nation. A graduate of California Institute of the Arts, Castro has worked for and collaborated on various projects with artists from around the country including Urban Bush Women, Ayodele Casel, Justin Peck, Dormeshia Sumbrey-Edwards, Jason Samuel Smith, Derick Grant, Julio Monge, Caleb Teicher, Michael Heitz, Jared Grimes, Francesca Zambello, and many more. Castro is also a founding member of Soles of Duende, and all female percussive dance trio based in the music of Tap, Flamenco(Arielle Rosales), and Kathak(Brinda Guha). She’s been fortunate to work with innovative artists in the dance field and is constantly in search of being part of stories that help elevate our collective humanity.

As a guest teacher in studios and conventions, Amanda is dedicated to creating a space dedicated to dancers personal relationship to movement utilizing her in-process method Story & Stamina, that celebrates the collective risk of using our individual voices.


If you’d like to learn more about the inspiration, style & mission that drives Castro forward, get in touch to learn more.


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